Career Development? What is that?!

I was at a party some time ago when someone asked me what I do for work. I said I support mothers with their career development. He stared blankly at me, then said ‘look I don’t want to be awkward…but what is that?’. I was so thankful for his question as it made me dig below all the assumptions I’d made without even realising it! I then gave him a general definition much like this one found on the balance careers website….

‘Career development is the…lifelong process of learning and decision-making that brings you closer to your ideal job, skillset, and lifestyle’. (

Over the next few weeks, I spent time thinking about how to answer this question in future so it was really clear and specific to the work I do. This is what I came up with:

I support mothers who are tired of the endless juggle of work and family, and seeing their careers stall or lose meaning. Unlike other career coaches, I’m a specialist for mothers with expertise in HR and Psychology, my approach is evidence based and completely personalised (no standardised tests here!). I work with you to redesign your future and develop a career with purpose and balance that truly fits your life.

So now I’m ready for the next party!!! ?

BUT, before I head out to buy a new dress, I think it’s also worth also mentioning the benefits of career development.

Benefits of Career Development

According to the Australian Institute of Business (2018), Australian employees change jobs on average 12 times throughout their life, with an average tenure of 3.3 years.

That’s a lot of big decision making and transition points. I’d also like to point out that figure only relates to paid roles, and there are a lot of unpaid roles (eg caring for children/elderly, domestic work, etc) that need to also be considered in the context of career.

Therefore, it can be really helpful to have expert support as you go through the process of gaining self-knowledge (ie skills, values and interests), exploring your options, and ultimately making decisions to shape your future life. A professional also comes with objectivity (ie no preconceived idea of what’s ‘best’ for you), whilst providing a safe confidential space where you can test out your ideas and discuss/troubleshoot any concerns.

Considering investing in your own career development? Then please get in touch for a free discovery session. We’d love to support your career journey!