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Working Parent Research Study

I’m a big believer of continuous improvement.

As things change, we must evolve.

Hence, Hummingbird Careers is currently conducting research to continue evolving our support programs for working parents. This Human Centred Design study involves conducting 1-hour semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders.

We want to talk to:
·       HR/P&C professionals,
·       Employment lawyers dealing with working parent related legal issues,
·       Managers who’ve had team members go on parental leave, &
·       Working parents who’ve recently been through the transition to parental leave & back to work.

If you fit any of these descriptions, please get in touch at I’d love to hear about your experiences and I can share some of our insights in return.

Participating in this study also means you’d be helping future working parents to continue growing their careers alongside their families.

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