Female-led career coaching for women

balancing work and motherhood ambitions.

Family and a fulfilling career:
redefining possible.

Hummingbird Careers empowers women to thrive in their journey through career and parenthood.

We help you navigate a journey of self discovery to define and unlock your pathway to a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Within our supportive and respectful online coaching programs, we guide you through the burning question replaying over and over in your head: “If not this, then what?”

And then we ask you this; “If not now, then when?”

We can be:
mothers partners sisters girlfriends career women meal planners chauffeurs nurses referees teachers 
party organisers stylists multi-taskers cleaners negotiators

Whether you are looking at exploring your return to work options or looking to enhance your own passions with a career transition; Hummingbird Careers supports you to embrace change, and take the steps towards re-designing a fulfilling life you deserve.

Our online coaching programs have been designed especially for women and developed from evidence-based research and extensive professional practice.

Our 3 pillars are all connected in their purpose, delivered in different ways:

Online Small Group Coaching

Thrive, is a five week online small group coaching program tailor made for women wanting to redesign their post-baby work lives. The small group format enables sharing, learning, and engaging with a wonderful group of peers in a supportive environment.

1:1 Personal

Is a great introduction to career coaching, a perfect follow up to the Thrive group coaching program, or ideal if you prefer to work one on one. Your coach will provide focus, structure and accountability, whilst also supporting you to overcome any challenges or roadblocks.

Empowering Parents @ Work Program

Taking a career break due to parental responsibilities, and plan to return to the same employer? Our primary carer career coaching program ensures you are empowered to still dream big, and access opportunities that continue to progress your career (even whilst you’re taking time away from work).

Your coach: Erica Hatfield

Erica is a career specialist for women at a specific time in their life; at the intersection between career and motherhood.

As an experienced HR professional, psychologist, entrepreneur, career changer and mother, she understands the ‘busyness’ of life and juggling family, work and everything in between can sometimes mean we don’t take the time to focus on our own needs. Her unique culmination of work expertise and personal life experience has equipped her to empower women to redefine what’s possible and redesign their future using their unique strengths.

Why We’re Different

We want to redefine the traditional one size fits all career coaching approach.

Unlike other career organisations, we don’t do resumes or stock standard career assessments. This is because there is no test that can tell you what to do with your life. And no test that can evaluate the full extent of your life circumstances and who you are. Therefore, our programs are bespoke and personalised to suit your needs.

We put you in the heart of your career journey.

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