Not everyone has a clearly defined vision of their future. Your priorities can shift, your life can change; but through a process of discovery, strategic planning and mindset motivation, we facilitate the re-design of a balanced, fulfilling life for working parents.

At the core of our existence is an innate drive to uplift parents to their greatest potential...

Not only for women, but for parents of all genders, to thrive in life by embracing change and being courageous as they challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be a working parent.

We’re on a mission to reshape the future of an empowered cohort of leaders who can change the game: by paving a clear path, and a way forward for everyone.

Why Hummingbird?

Interestingly, the hummingbird has unique and impressive flight abilities.

It can change direction 90 degrees mid-flight demonstrating the importance of being agile to suit the environment. And with a short lifespan of three to five years, the hummingbird understands the importance of now.

That’s why, life is too short to not live your best work-life.

Our Mission

Empowering parents to thrive in their unique journeys through the transition to parental leave and returning to work.

Our Vision

A purpose led organisation aiming to create systemic change that enables equal access to career opportunities for all working parents.

Our Founder

Erica is a specialist for parents wanting to create a greater quality of life through balancing work and family. As a HR Professional, Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Mother, her unique culmination of work expertise coupled with personal life experience has equipped her to become a specialist Career Coach for parents.

Through an evidence-based model of coaching, Erica uplifts and empowers parents to re-design their life and career, and live it to their greatest potential.



Proud to be a finalist in the Coach of the Year category for the AusMumpreneur Awards 2023.

She Mentors

Proud to be nominated for the She Mentors Mentor Awards 2023.

She Mentors Nomination 2023


dentsu & Hummingbird Careers

To support diversity & inclusion dentsu provides parents with access to career coaching through Hummingbird Careers, ensuring career development continues through any career break due to parental responsibilities.

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