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What is career coaching?

Career coaching focuses on your skills, personal strengths, interests and values, and helps you create your ideal career path based upon these factors. Career coaching employs a variety of activities and techniques to help you identify your career goals, take critical steps towards achieving them, as well as providing supportive tools to help keep you on track.

Career coaching also provides you with the opportunity to discuss your career with an informed advisor who comes with no preconceived views, and who will provide you with support, focus, structure and accountability.

For many of us, we spend a significant portion of our time at work – which means your job can have a huge impact upon your quality of life. Therefore, it’s important to be well informed and make wise decisions about your career.

How can Hummingbird Careers help me?

Hummingbird Careers is all about empowering parents to continue growing their careers alongside their families.

In fact, the idea for Hummingbird Careers was conceived by our founder when she experienced various challenges during her own parental leave period and when returning to work.

At Hummingbird Careers we recognise that the transition through parental leave and returning to work can bring with it a lot of changes to both our personal and professional lives.

That’s why we’re here to provide expert support to help you successfully navigate this time. With support you can avoid common pitfalls and strategically plan ahead for a life that grows and balances both your career and family ambitions.

How is Hummingbird Careers different?

Firstly, Hummingbird Careers was founded in purpose. Everything we do is aimed at levelling the playing field and creating more equal opportunities for working parents.

Secondly, in an unregulated industry not all career coaching services are the same. We stand out as qualified and experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in HR and Psychology. We are also specialists with a sole focus of supporting parents at a particular point in time – when transitioning their careers through parental leave and return to work. 

And finally, we take a person centred, high touch approach. This means we work intensively 1:1 with parents through our semi structured programs that are tailored to the specific needs of each parent. This is how we get the best outcomes.

Who do you work with?

We work with organisations, managers and individuals to provide specialist career coaching programs for working parents across a range of industries, including technology, finance, marketing and advertising.

What if I’ve already returned to work?

Parents start with us at any point from pre-parental leave to many months past their initial return to work date. If you’re facing challenges at any point in this transitional period, then we’re here to help. We provide free no obligation 15 minute discovery sessions where we discuss your situation and how we can potentially assist. Get in touch through our contact form today! We’d love to hear from you.

Will I like my coach?

Career coaching is a personal service. It’s important to have good rapport with your coach and feel comfortable working with them. This is why we offer a free 15 minute discovery session. Just get in touch through our contact form to set up a time today!

Do you provide online sessions?

Our sessions are designed to be convenient and easily accessible for busy working parents, and therefore are delivered either online via video conferencing or by phone.

Where are you located?

Sydney, Australia.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Connect with Hummingbird Careers via our Contact page for more information.