Online Small Group Coaching Services

Our highly interactive small group coaching program is a journey of self-discovery, where you will explore work options, identify new career directions, and ultimately take action towards creating a fulfilling new work life.

The small group format enables sharing, learning, and engaging with a wonderful group of peers in a supportive environment.


Online Small Group Coaching


Thrive, is a five week online small group coaching program tailor made for parents wanting to redesign their post-baby work lives. Through this program you will gain clarity on what it is you truly want out of work now (a few things may have shifted post-baby?!), identify (or simply remember!) your extraordinary talents & interests, explore your many opportunities to move forward (there are more than you think!), and create your very own action plan to get you started on your journey. You’ll also be equipped with a toolkit for staying on track, and gain a group of supporters in your awesome fellow program participants.

Additionally, there will be some between session homework (don’t worry, it will be minimal), and regular post program check-ins during the months after to share progress, tips and advice.

And importantly, the program is thoroughly underpinned by research and extensive professional practice – so you know you’re in good hands!

Cost: $790 (inc gst) for five week program

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Thrive Program Structure
Designed to support post-baby needs
  • All 5 x 1 hour sessions are 100% online – making for easier access and greater convenience.
  • Scheduled at baby sleep times. Typical afternoon nap and evening bedtimes.
  • All classes are recorded and available for four weeks. If you miss a session you can catch up later.
  • Small group format. Share ideas, learn from others, and grow your support network. Maximum of five participants.
  • Post program support. Regular check-ins after program completion to keep you on track!
Thrive Program Sessions

Session 1: Find your direction
Gain greater clarity on your current priorities. Create a clear picture of your future. Determine your overall career goal.

Session 2: Personal discovery
Rediscover your interests & passions. Identify your skills and strengths. Understand how to harness your talents & interests for future opportunities.

Session 3: The work landscape
Gain a thorough understanding of how the nature of work has evolved, the impact of motherhood on employment, and what it will take to be competitive in the future.

Session 4: Design your future
Identify all the many and varied potential pathways to achieving your work goal. Explore options, then narrow down and select your way forward.

Session 5: Make it happen
Learn how to set effective goals. Create your own personalised action plan with immediate next steps. Become equipped with a toolkit for staying on track.

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